Looking for some small gifts this week?

Single Items and Gift Bundles-

Later this week, we are going to offer a lot of single items and gift bundles, some heavily discounted!

We have small quantities of extra items from our subscription boxes, and are going to make them available through a series of flash sales starting Wednesday.



We know that your inbox is about to explode with "Black Friday" deals. 

We don’t want to add to the email logjam unless you specifically want to see these emails from us.

Therefore, these offers are ONLY going to be sent to people who specifically request them!

Scroll down to see a preview of some of the items we will have available.

If you see something you'd like to receive offer notifications about, just click the link below to be added to the notification list.

Deal Preview

Here are a handful of the items we will be making available this week.  Quantities of each are extremely limited, so you MUST click the link below to receive these deal notifications!

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